Three F&B Apps Getting Personalization Right


We’ve talked often about hotels using technology to enhance the guest experience through personalization. I wanted to highlight a few restaurant apps who are using their apps to delight guests with custom offers, drive sales with tailored menu items, and remove pain points with increased efficiency and precision.

Can you talk about restaurant apps without mentioning Dominos? The pizza chain has been on the forefront of innovation in marketing and technology since their “we’re sorry for making bad pizza” campaign in 2009. They also came up with ordering via Tweet and emoji. Unlimited pizza customization aside, one of the best features of their app is the “Dominos Tracker”, which allows customers to know exactly what their pizza is up to every moment from being ordered to being placed in their hands. Nobody likes to wait, but it’s easier when you know where your pizza is.

The Starbucks app took awhile to work its way into a permanent spot on my phone. They had a few security issues in the beginning but quickly caught up to the technology by being one of the first to offer phone payments and location-based services. My favorite feature of their app is that it remembers my favorite drink and easily tracks rewards for that coveted birthday treat.

Speaking of birthdays, Chick-fil-A also gives app users freebies on their birthdays, but the highlight lies in the rewards tab. Reward points totals, account information, and how the system works are all displayed on one page that is easy for guests to understand and use. This is a major loyalty building function that most hotels can adopt.