Enhancing the Guest Experience with Apple TV


We have been talking a lot about the various enhancements Apple TV can bring to the guest experience over the last few months. One of the major hurdles we dealt with to bring this solution to an enterprise scale was data security. More specifically, what happens when a guest logs into their own accounts on a hotel room device, then checks out of the room?

That’s how we ended up meeting our friends at Jamf. Jamf offers multiple solutions across industries for data security. The Jamf Nation User Conference held this week highlighted the ways they support various industries including health care, hospitality, and retail. If you’d like to find out more about their 2018 Conference, check out their YouTube channel.

Utilizing the technology from Jamf, Monscierge has been able to provide access to our range of guest technology via Apple TV while keeping guest data secure. For more information, this article by Bradley Chambers at 9to5Mac is a step by step look at this as it is currently in action at some Red Lion Hotels properties.