Personalization and Recommendation Through the Years


Over the last nine years, we have worked to connect hotels and guests using various means of technology. When I first started this job seven years ago, we were building software for lobby screens and just starting to branch into mobile apps. I remember conversations with the marketing team that felt like delving into the future while we tried to navigate new territory and guess what would come next.

More recently we’ve delved into the realm of smart TV. Our hotel clients are finding that guests more and more want access to their own entertainment while they travel. This means that guests can utilize the same means of relaxation away as they do at home, with the same personalized features and the same recommendations that companies like Netflix and Amazon bring to them daily.

Those words – personalization and recommendation – go right back to day one at Monscierge. That is where we started and it’s where we are still working today. New screens are involved, new means of delivery, more features and better access, but the core remains the same. We are making it easy to bring personalized recommendations to guests on the devices they are already using via communication methods they already own. Click here to find out what comes next.