Tech and Hospitality 2018


Vacation time is upon us as 2018 comes to a close. On the occasion of the last post before the break, I wanted to speak one more time about the importance of face to face communication even with the continuous advance of technology.

Some brands are hesitant to bring technology into guest communication, fearing it will corrode the very essence of hospitality: making guests well welcome, cared for, and at home. Excellence in hospitality must balance human interaction with innovation at all times.

Generally speaking, the client base today is saturated with technology and is already used to having even the most personal conversations via text. Educating your staff on the proper application of text in conversation with guests is the secret to maintaining this proper balance. Often you will find that some guests prefer communicating solely through technological means, which frees your staff up for meaningful face to face interactions for those who most appreciate them.

Just as important are the interactions with guests who are using the technology. Each room service order, text, or guest request is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on your visitors. Surprise and delight them by using the same tech to personalize service offerings, provide concierge recommendations, and ensure precise food and beverage orders. Using these means, your technology offerings will enhance, not replace, your guest and staff interactions. For more information, click here.