Is Facebook a Peek into the Future of the Web?


How this online ID changes the way we use the Internet

In last week’s post, I talked about a TED Talk by Kevin Kelly from December 2007 and cloud technologies. It has me thinking a lot about the future of the web –– the idea that we will only need one personal ID and everything will be connected. I think Facebook is taking gigantic strides in making this happen in ways that seem subtle to users. You can comment on blogs you read using your Facebook profile. You can Like almost any brand, YouTube video, celebrity, band or product right from the original website. No longer do users have to be on Facebook’s website to add items to their interests or post links on their walls. We are already starting to use this one ID for more than we intended. And Facebook isn’t going to stop growing anytime soon. Yesterday The Guardian published an article about the social networking giant’s new controversial facial recognition software. Today, Business Insider leaked news of their new iPhone photo sharing app. Depending on how far the company continues to expand, who knows what we will be able to do with that single ID. Now, thanks to Sabre Hospitality, you can even book hotel rooms right from hotel Facebook pages without ever going to the hotel’s website. Essentially, users can reserve rooms at participating hotels with their Facebook ID. This is especially good news for those who like to save a dime, as hotels usually offer social media discounts. From reserving rooms to reading news, we already have expectations that the Internet will provide support and convenience in our daily lives. It is also becoming a significant part of our social lives. Companies like Facebook and Sabre Hospitality are right to capitalize on our expectations. We are already hungry for the convenience of one online ID.