n a bold move last week, I decided to take six children out to dinner. I was the only adult. We drove around town for awhile, looking for an appropriate place to eat that interesting enough for our celebratory mood but still casual enough for kids. I rarely take my children to places that don’t incorporate playground equipment and miniature bathrooms, and didn’t realize until I had them all loaded up in the car that I was at a loss as to where to eat. I wanted full-service, they wanted pizza. I wanted to skip crowds and lines; they wanted to know if there would be root beer. My solution? I talked to my friends who take their children out regularly, and one particular place seemed to be ranking high with all of them. It was a local pizza joint that was new to us, and we loved it. The grown-up atmosphere seemed intimidating at first, but the kids quickly adjusted and behaved like proper young men and women the entire time. Our server knew just how to talk to them, and kept them entertained every time he visited our table. When the manager stopped by to check on us, my kids raved about the service and the food. What started as a silly family celebration turned into an amazing evening and life-long memory. I know of at least fifteen people who are now regular patrons of that restaurant due to one conversation between friends. This is the concept behind our recommendation network; local, up-to-date, real-life information to help your guests discover the perfect way to celebrate their life moments. Check it out and let us know what you think.