Is Working in Hospitality a Calling?


bell is hospitality a calling?

It is rare to find someone in the hospitality industry who does not have a passion for it. Similar to F&B, medical, and other forms of service employment, hospitality is fast-paced, ever-changing, and high-demand. Those who have hit their stride are able to think ahead and juggle numerous tasks at once, all while keeping a smile on their face and remaining calm under pressure.

If it sounds grueling, that’s because it is. Yet, anyone who has done time in hospitality knows of its siren call. Owners and operators speak of their property in reverent tones; there is a sense of relationship, as if the union between man and hotel is something sacred.

Consider the intrigue of working the front desk, especially as night auditor. Hotels are a constant source of drama and mystery. Why else would they be the scene of so many thrilling tales by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King? Certainly the monotony of nightly check-ins is broken by the small insights into the lives of late-night travelers.

The high demands put on hospitality workers makes for a strong desire to run a tight ship. Even those at the lowest on the chain of command expect the highest performance from themselves and their colleagues. A staff that can pull this off in perfect unison becomes a personality unto itself, the building turns from brick and mortar into a living, breathing organism, a being that, if not able to love, is without doubt capable of receiving it.

Here at Monscierge, we put this same passion into our technology. From Intelligent Recommendations to branded Social Postcards, your guests stay connected to the hotel’s distinct personality on every turn of their journey.