Lego Mindstorm Challenge



Company Culture

Around the office (and beyond), our Monscierge team is driven, hard-working, and innovative. Recently, techJOYnt Robotics Academy visited our office and kindly shared their toys with us.

Robotics Challenge

What’s more fun than Legos at work? The Lego Mindstorm Challenge is a team building exercise that promotes critical thinking. Our staff divided into two teams with the same objectives, and were given an hour and a half to complete as many of the objectives as possible.

Spencer Ready and Ken Marold

The teams had to work together to build their own robot, program it to move autonomously, and complete the objectives one at a time.

Lego Challenge

This was a creative and fun way for people from different departments to work together to complete a challenge. Even our own resident programmers had to learn a new programming language to get their robots to move.

Bryan Sekine

What activities have you participated in to build culture? Have you found anything that beats the fun nerdy-coolness of Lego robots? Tell us about it in the comments.

Lego Challenge

(All photos taken by Rory Gordon Photo)