Hyper-Local Hospitality: 3 Ways Hotels are Utilizing Local Spaces


Hyper-Local Hospitality
Everyone is “going local” these days. I’ve discussed before the tourism benefits of local recommendations and experiences for guests, but I want to look deeper into the benefits of delving into the culture immediately surrounding you.

I live in the country, which often means that I need to travel a few miles for shopping or dining. But after meeting a group of local “kids” who were more invested in the area, I spent a few weeks browsing everything within two miles of me. I found local honey, produced half a mile away. I found a breakfast joint so wonderful that they are standing room only every minute they are open. And strangely, when I needed to buy puppy food, I discovered a fascinating world inside a feed store, complete with a gentleman who regaled my children with tales of the German Shepherds he raises. Making these discoveries so close to home was fun for my family and made us feel even closer to our tight-knit community.

What do you have in or immediately around your hotel that brings the hyper-local experience to your guests?

  1. Food: From beehives on the rooftop to property-grown herbs, more and more hotels are jumping on the trend of food produced on-site. The Andaz Wall Street even hosts a farmer’s market.
  2. Art: Showcasing local artists throughout the hotel benefits local artists through the purchase of work by the hotel, as well as through connecting them with guests. While many hotels have caught on to this trend, the Brown Hotel in Louisville has taken it a step further with a local art show in their own gallery.
  3. Gifts: If there is one thing none of us is without, it is a local crafter of some kind. If you have an excellent crafter in your area, or even on your staff, have you considered putting their work in your gift shop, or using it as a welcome gift for your guests?

These are just a few of the ways hotels are showing off their hyper-local assets. What nearby treasures do you enjoy the most?