Skirvin Hilton: Blending Modern Technology with a Personal Touch


Skirvin Hitlton on Modern Technology

We first want to thank our friends at The Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City for working so closely with us as we design new products for hotels. Learning and listening are behind everything we do, and the folks at the Skirvin have been kind enough to help us learn about the behind-the-scenes life of the hospitality world.

Video Shoot

Above is Skirvin Hilton General Manager, Martin Van Der Laan with our favorite videographer, Rory Gordon. In the video, he shares insights on the history of the Skirvin and how to blend modern innovations with a personal touch.

Marcus and Rory

Monscierge CEO Marcus Robinson (pictured above with Rory Gordon) discusses the learning experience of working with the Skirvin, and the “moving parts” in a hotel that the guest doesn’t necessarily see.

Marci Jacobs

Skirvin Director of Sales and Marketing, Marci Jacobs is pictured here talking about the benefits the hotel has seen moving from a manual communication system.

I’m am so exited to share this video when it is finished with the editing process, because the Skirvin is a beautiful hotel, located very near our OKC offices, and their team embodies the true spirit of hospitality. “For us, everything is about the experience, so the people aspect of our business will never go away.” ~Martin Van Der Laan (General Manager, The Skirvin Hilton)