The Guest Lens: Creature Comforts



The Guest Lens: Pets and Your Guest Experience

Pets are known to calm nerves, increase happiness, and create an organic means of interaction – all key pieces of a great hotel experience. Properties around the world are finding new and creative means of incorporating the animal kingdom into the guest journey.

  1. An idea born from a weekend hunting trip and a few sips of whiskey in the 1930’s led to what is now known as the Peabody Marching Ducks at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The ducks march on a red carpet from their Royal Duck Palace on the hotel rooftop down to the fountain in the lobby each day, surrounded by delighted hotel visitors.
  2. Giraffe Manor, in Nairobi, Kenya, is known as “the only hotel in the world where you can eat breakfast with giraffe.” This historic property is home to eight Rothschild giraffe who visit the manor in the mornings and evenings to visit with guests (and grab a quick snack.)
  3. Probably the most well-known example is Kimpton’s Goldfish Program. Guests can choose to have a goldfish in their room to keep them company, and the staff takes care of the feeding and cleaning duties.
  4. Ashford Castle in Ireland, built in 1228, offers classes in the ancient art of falconry to its guests using Harris hawks. Ashford Castle is also home to Dingle, an owl known for delivering special messages and engagement rings.
  5. What’s better than borrowing a few moments with these creatures while traveling? Spending that time with your own pet. Catering to guests’ pets allows them to travel without worries, provided their furry friend is a willing travel companion. Years ago, my English bulldog accompanied me on numerous hotel stays. He made me feel more secure and was more than happy to while away his time napping while I was away, and he made lots of friends on the elevator during our stay.

What are the most creative examples you have seen?