Three Ways for Hotels to Use Instagram


Social media has become more and more visual. From Vine to Pinterest, hotels are trying to catch the eye of the browsing potential guest. We launched our own Instagram account recently, so I became curious as to how our hotel friends are using it to engage with guests.

Although websites and other social networks give hotels plenty of opportunity to show off photos of guest rooms and amenities, the highly visual aspect of Instagram allows properties to share more than usual. This could mean photos taken a different times of day (think poolside under the stars), the same room photographed for different weddings, or different types of travelers enjoying common areas.

Show off your local environment. Send a few employees out into the area around you and have them capture the “feel” of your surroundings, giving guests a better idea of what to expect – or local surprises to look for – when they arrive. I could see this being an enjoyable team-building activity, or an easy way to let guests see through the eyes of your staff, connecting with them before the stay.

Around here, we chose to use Instagram to share our zany side. From office pranks to birthday celebrations, Marketing Coordinator Angie Ford shows Monscierge office life from her point of view. You can follow us here, and please share your favorite hospitality and travel Instagram accounts in the comments so we can check them out.