5 Ways to Promote Your Hotel App to Guests


Today’s post is written by our Marketing Coordinator, Angie Ford. Along with the creation of promotional material and being a go-to for all sorts of brilliance, Angie runs our company Instagram account, manages our videos, and instigates office pranks. She attended the University of Tulsa, has a background in Video Production, and at home she plays violin, tackles home improvement projects, and hangs out with her Jack Russell Terrier. 


Breaking news, the very last smartphone holdout finally jumped in with the other salmon and headed north. I’m exaggerating, of course, but the truth can still be found here: I did in fact get promoted to “Smartphone Owner” at the end of last year. Being the last adult in America to buy a smartphone, naturally I wondered who else was with me. Turns out, more than I expected. 56% of adult Americans are now smartphone users, and as of last June, 72% of UK adults owned one.

So what does this mean for a centuries-old industry built on classic services? It presents an opportunity for hoteliers to reach that segment of the population that may not respond in the same way guests did 50 years ago.

So let’s say you have the app, but how do you get your guests to actually download and use it?

  1. The easiest and possibly most effective way is to have your front desk associates tell each guest about the app at check-in.
  2. You can also create an insert for the key card envelope that highlights your favorite features.
  3. Are your in-room TVs set to your own channel with a PowerPoint? Add a mobile app slide.
  4. Use classic techniques such as table tents, elevator signs, or a front desk sign.
  5. How do you promote specials? Are you active on social media? Use that to promote your app. Tweet, tweet.

Once you’ve gotten their attention, promote a free appetizer if the guest orders room service through the app to add incentive. Guests at the hotel for an event are likely to download the app if they know they can find event details in it. Do you have a large resort? Promote your property map. As a former business traveller, I know I would have loved an app for all those reasons. Still need help with promotion ideas? Ask your friendly Monscierge support team, and they’ll be happy to help.