Guest Data: Are You Getting the Full Picture?



We know why guest data is important to hoteliers; no matter how streamlined your operations, if the guests aren’t happy, nobody is happy. Information gathering has come a long way since the days hotels relied on comment cards. While those cards are not yet extinct, hoteliers have come to rely on technology for gathering, translating, and reporting guest data.

Online booking and behaviors provide insight to guest preferences and satisfaction, but without mobile, are you getting the entire picture?

A recent report by Flurry shows that mobile users are spending 86% of mobile time on apps, and only 14% on mobile web.  This means that companies relying solely on web are missing out on a huge piece of the data puzzle.

So what could mobile do for you? Here are five things that we’ve found, actionable by hotels into a better experience for all of their guests.

  1. Are your guests sharing your hotel information on their social networks?
  2. What is grabbing your guests’ attention in your app, and what are they ignoring? Better yet, which aspects of your app are bringing in the most revenue?
  3. Are guests using your app more on property or off?
  4. Are the guests in your hotel at this moment having a positive or negative experience?
  5. And in terms of all of these touch points, how is does your property or brand compare to the competition?

This is valuable information, but unless you’re utilizing mobile capabilities, getting this kind of feedback would be time-consuming and difficult, if not impossible. What could your staff do with this kind of insight into your guests’ stay? A branded mobile app is more than just a pretty toy or a new booking channel. For more information on maximizing your app power, check out this recent post from our Chief Innovation Officer.