The Draw of Hospitality


It may be known for its high turnover, but hospitality can be an appealing field for those who are fresh out of school, unsure which career to pursue, or re-entering the workforce.

Job applicants new to a career often get frustrated finding work because many job listings require 5-10 years’ relevant experience. Sometimes you just can’t get around that, but if you have the drive and determination, you can find flexibility in the hospitality industry.


And if you’re the one with the drive and determination, hospitality wants you. Because:

You’re malleable.

You’re not used to the way another team operates, so you pick up on our ways quickly.

There’s no unlearning.

Every hotel has methods to learn. I’d rather have a blank slate than have to retrain.

You’re new to hospitality culture.

And its a unique culture, even per property. Sometimes it’s nice to bring a little previous culture experience, but sometimes you just want a flexible puzzle piece to fill the space.

Hospitality is an industry to grow with. Take your determination, shine that positive attitude, and then seek a hospitality position. This field has been growing at a higher rate than others, so there are lots of job opportunities in every city in the entire world.