Hotel Guest Experience with Apple TV


2017 has seen Apple TV steadily gaining a foothold in guest rooms around the world. This technology combines some of the most useful standbys in hotel technology with innovations that make sense to the guest experience and impact it in a positive way. Hotels today are using Apple TV in guest rooms for:

Entertainment – Travelers are no longer limited to watching whatever is actively playing on TV while they’re at home, and enjoy bringing their own content and streaming from sites like Netflix and Hulu even when they’re away. Smart TVs in guest rooms make this easy and scalable for the hotel. (See this article on Content Streaming and Data Security.)

Messaging –  This can serve as signage within the room and be as personalized you wish. Use this space for everything from a welcome message when guests enter the room, to real time hotel information, and even event promotions.

F&B – Menus are enhanced with gorgeous photos and navigation while sales are boosted through in-the-moment messaging and easy access to information and ordering.

Housekeeping – Apple TV can be combined with beacon technology to alert housekeeping that a room needs attention, play the housekeeper’s favorite song while they’re working, and update hotel software when the room is ready.

Guest Feedback can be obtained readily at the end of the stay as well. Visit our page if you would like to see this in action.


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