Introducing Connect Video


We’re suddenly in a new world. Current worldwide events have changed the way we need to engage with others. After considering this for a little bit, we realized changing the way face-to-face interactions occur was something we do every day. And with that, our latest product Connect Video was born.

We built Connect Video from the ground up by leveraging much of our existing technology. One of our primary goals was ensuring patient and staff privacy, and the other was helping solve healthcare patient intake and communication issues.

When a patient starts a video chat, they’re able to see and hear a real person on the other end engage in the humanistic side that’s often missing from digital interactions. A byproduct of this engagement is that personal protective equipment (PPE) no longer needs to be used for these engagements and can be saved for others in need. By leveraging video communication intake specialists, staff members and others can maintain a physical distance, which lessens their chances of infection. Together these savings allow the creation of a safer environment for healthcare workers and their patients.

On the front of our webpage, our tagline is “start better guest relationships.” Increase communication and drive the experience. Those are all tenants that Monscierge holds in everything we do. These are delicate times, and we look to help solve the challenges that we collectively face.

We’ve heard from dozens of hospitals, banks, and other essential properties around the world. But we’d love to hear from you, work together and learn more about the challenges you face. You can email us anytime at