Health and Wellness in Travel


Whether you’re a traveler or a member of the hotel, health and hygiene are probably on your mind. It’s now top of mind for 80% of consumers when considering travel. There’s little doubt there’s an appetite for a return to traveling. First weekend reopenings at many resorts have seen record bookings.

But many properties have been slow to re-open or encountered a very different scenario with prospective guests. You’ve undoubtedly encountered a wide range of opinions about the global health crisis. But the fact of the matter is regardless of your belief; it’s created a psychological impact on hospitality.

During a recent survey, guests are concerned about amenities like on-site gyms, buffets, and have a higher interest around cleaning protocols.

Monscierge started from a need discovered during a business trip. We’re travelers ourselves and provide products that we love to use.

Cleaning checklists, contactless check-in, easy-to-clean hygienic remote controls, controlling the TV using your mobile phone, and replacing in-room printed collateral with a digital version are just a few of the tools that Monscierge provides as properties around the world re-open.

During a recent call, a long-term client remarked that “Monscierge has been providing software since the beginning that supports everything that their guests needed.” And most importantly, very little modification of their existing workflows was required.

Properties are learning how to maintain physical distancing and minimal contact while still providing an excellent and personal guest experience. Communication via SMS or video helps ease worried travelers.

Since most on-site gyms are closed or persona non grata by guests, it’s been a fantastic time to leverage other health and wellness tools. Whether running through a series of exercises, yoga poses, or meditating. The guest room is now the center for wellness. With on-screen workouts and breathing exercises available through our in-room solution coupled with mobile phone control or hygienic in-room remote controls, health and wellness can stay at the forefront.

We’ve seen a massive shift in getting rid of anything not bolted down in the room. Properties have a unique opportunity to ditch enormous printing costs and replace their printed compendium or house rules with an interactive digital replacement. Guests can now experience your property information without having to deal with wasted paper or out-of-date information.

Your guests’ journey will continue to evolve. Once upon a time, air-conditioning was a draw, next came HBO, then Wifi. What comes next? A contactless experience? Health and wellness-centric? Let’s help shape the future of hospitality.