What’s a Hospitality TV?


What exactly is a hospitality TV?

At the basic level, a hospitality TV refers to the television found in a guest room or other areas on a property. A hospitality TV is different from a consumer-grade TV that you might purchase from Best Buy, Fry’s, or other electronics store.

Typically, hospitality TV will include additional settings configured by the property management to limit guest interaction with standard options like maximum volume, default brightness, and so on. These settings ensure when a guest turns on the TV, they won’t fall victim to the prior guest having turned up the volume all the way. A hospitality TV is also more cost-effective due to properties purchasing multiple units at once. Many hospitality grade-TVs also are built to be cleaned easily or include anti-microbial properties.

Coupled with Apple TV for Hospitality, easy configuration gets taken to the next level. When a guest logs into a streaming service like Netflix or Disney+, their credentials get erased at check-out. The same applies to any downloaded apps or games. Apple TV for Hospitality provides further consistency to the television experience by ensuring a standard high-quality user interface and branding.

What about TVs that include smart TV functionality built-in? In many cases, Smart TVs do provide access to services like Netflix or Hulu. The downside to Smart TVs is their power is limited, and they’re not future proof. Smart TVs vary with inconsistent software, user experiences, and management capabilities. The experience in room 102 should be the same as 310. Utilizing additional hardware like Apple TV provides much-needed consistency, processing power for games and apps, plus a fast and robust user interface. Smart TV functionality provided as part of a TV may get there eventually, but today it’s not there. We prefer a secure and excellent user experience that isn’t painfully slow to use.

Many vendors provide Hospitality-grade TVs. Any from reputable brands like LG, Samsung, Philips, or others are great. Whatever your decision, we always recommend hospitality grade televisions to be installed on-site in hotels and resorts. If you have questions or want to see how Apple TV works with your property, please contact us today.