Monscierge’s Apple TV Pillow Speaker


Did you know Monscierge provides the only Apple TV-compatible pillow speaker/call light remote?

Navigating and listening to television is extremely easy. Working in combination with our Apple TV solution, the pillow speaker works with nearly any nurse call system installed in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare locations.

Monscierge worked extensively with numerous hospitals to ensure a smooth and seamless installation. In most cases, installation is plug and play.

The pillow speaker is the perfect companion to Monscierge’s Apple TV for Health. Our Apple TV solution provides a fully-managed in-room solution that brings live TV, on-site information and features, local recommendations, events, plus health and wellness activities.

Monscierge’s mission with Apple TV is to provide a sense of familiarity and home by allowing patients access to information, movies, music, and entertainment while ensuring a safe and secure environment.

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