What’s the Cost of Not Using SMS?


Today is Tuesday, July 21, 2020, and Bill Marriott’s 12th rule of success “view every problem as an opportunity to grow” stands out to us at Monscierge like a flashing hot pink billboard in the Las Vegas skyline. We are a software company that builds communication solutions for the hospitality industry; we help our clients adapt to industry changes and continuously improve communication lines with guests.

According to industry researchers, the North American Boutique, luxury, and national hotelier industry forecasted an overall revenue growth between 30% and 40% by 2023. Today hoteliers are struggling to open their doors and get consistent 30% occupancy rates. The drop-off in the global economy has hoteliers desperately looking for solutions to decrease no-shows and increase brand loyalty during the pandemic. The hotel industry is in the Darwin Period. Hotels of any size that adapt will survive, and many will not. 

Our SMS Messaging and the Digital Directory features prove to be valuable communication tools during the COVID-19 pandemic adaptation period. The solutions are a lightweight, low barrier of entry and require no hardware investment. In a matter of days, hoteliers can be up and running with our 2-way communication engine, Connect SMS, and using our Digital Directory technology to inform guests about their stay. All of a sudden, a hotel of any size can provide a group of guests with immediately actionable information that can transform into a two-way conversation.

SMS generates greater customer engagement than many other forms of communication. 

95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent. When coupled with 80% of all devices worldwide supporting text messages, it’s no wonder SMS is a low friction method for hoteliers to communicate with guests: no app download requirement, no forms to fill out, and instant.

Sharing information is paramount to Monscierge. Whether it’s asking a question about the cleaning policy, requesting a specific room, or a forgotten item, the tools like Guest Messaging or the Digital Directory provided by Monscierge ensures a flow of communication between the guest and property.

The value of SMS and messaging is critical. Guests need information now more than ever, and it’s incredibly easy and affordable to start communicating.