Handling Worldwide Client Success


HotelTechReport just awarded Monscierge’s Client Success team, a Level III Global Customer Support Certification. It’s a true testament to their skill and the drive to deliver exceptional service and support to customers worldwide.

The Client Success team handles worldwide deployment and support of the Monscierge platform. Each day the team guides customers through onboarding and answers questions around content, strategy, and best practices. With our platform’s deployment across more than 40 countries and 26+ languages, we’ve developed an extensive set of best practices built for nearly any location worldwide.

As Jordan Coleman, Client Success Manager at Monscierge says “We handle every client, whether big or small, as if they are the only thing left existing in the world. We will talk to them in their native dialect as needed, and prioritize their concerns above all others.  happy clients = very happy guests.”

Our latest certification showcases the tools for pre-emptive customer success and customers’ ability to find answers through our support center. When a question needs a person, our team is available by chat, email, or phone.

There’s a reason Monscierge has more guest experience awards than any other hospitality software company, and we’re just getting started.

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