Financing SaaS and Hardware Solutions


The way clients order and pay for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions continues to evolve. While many SaaS offerings are available on a month-to-month basis, many solutions involve hardware and are multi-year contracts. This practice, which is common in the industry, can often present a financial challenge for upfront cash or a payment — particularly for companies recently hit hard by Covid-19.

As a result, financing SaaS solutions is only advantageous and becoming more common. Why is this happening? Most businesses have financial constraints. Your business is probably facing budget pressure. You may need a strategy to manage or even shrink expenses while you simultaneously pursue growth. One of the arguments in favor of financing SaaS and related hardware is its ability to eliminate the upfront capital investment in hardware/software (CapEx) and replace it with ongoing operating expense (OpEx) payments — helping clients better manage cash flow. Managing cash flow and matching costs to anticipated benefits are essential to delivering a strong return on investment in your IT initiatives.

How can you tackle this challenge? One approach Monscierge offers clients is the option to finance the hardware and SaaS solutions they deliver. For example, let’s say you’re a boutique hotel, and you want to enhance the guest experience by installing Monscierge “Apple TV for Hospitality” in your thirty (30) guest rooms. The upfront hardware cost could run as much as $9,000 — and the monthly SaaS subscription would be $540 — or $19,440 for the thirty-six-month term.

What if you don’t want to pay $9,000 upfront? Or, what if you simply can’t? That’s where financing can help.

In this example, the total contract value is $28,440. If you finance the transaction at 5%, you would be paying $852 per month. Monscierge has made financing even more enticing by offering additional discounts on their services when two (2) or more of their offerings are included.

The organization has a history of delivering award-winning SaaS solutions for over a decade. Customizable payment plans, simple contracts, and rapid approvals — just a few ways Monscierge enables financial flexibility needed for clients to leverage technology to innovate and build a competitive advantage.

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