Part I: Introducing the Digital Nomad


Welcome to the first part of our Digital Nomad series that explores the direction, focus, and drive behind these travelers.

Digital nomads blend business and travel. They’re sometimes called half-tourists, but whatever you call them. They’re here to stay. Travel restrictions due to Covid has only further accelerated this growing set of travelers.

2020 has been rough. One side effect has been the decline of the traditional office. Whether due to Covid-based travel restrictions or merely a desire to get away, it’s created a sharp increase in new nomadic workers looking for a change in scenery.

While the term ‘digital nomad’ may evoke a 20 something image, but the median age is 38, with many not roaming until their 30’s or 40’s. The rise of video conferencing, cloud storage, and faster Internet has ushered new opportunities for those seeking a different type of work-life balance.

Digital nomads aren’t new, but as companies rethink their remote working strategies and employees find themselves working outside of a traditional office, there’s been a sudden influx of modern nomads seeking travel opportunities.

Whether you’re operating a hotel, co-working space, or vacation rental, you’re a prime candidate for these nomads as they seek a better and more fulfilling work-life balance.

Is working in the office fun? It can be. But rather than being surrounded by gray walls, many would rather watch waves crashing or see the sunrise peek through a forest? Nomads seek out experiences. They want to be inspired, but they’re also deeply connected to their work and often work long hours. The difference is they do it from a different location. Staying motivated is paramount to their journey. Whether working on the porch at the local coffee shop, the patio overlooking a scenic landscape, or an ever-changing room view can provide a unique work and living experience to capture their attention.

Nomads are connected. A laptop and mobile phone are standard. Working remote is great until you realize a 150 MB file will take an hour to upload. Bandwidth costs are dropping worldwide, and the ability to offer high-speed Internet to guests is easier than ever. Whether uploading a file, video conferencing or catching up on Netflix, if a guest can be productive, chances are they’ll stick around.

Offering charging ports, high-speed Internet, and unique experiences is an excellent way to keep a guest happy. When inspired by your surroundings, the work is more manageable. It also provides new options for fun when the workday is over. But more than technology. Staying true to your property experience is what will ultimately attract guests. The views, the service, or even proximity to other areas are critical drivers for choice.

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