Easy Branding with Apple TV for Hospitality


It’s easy to showcase your brand with Apple TV for Hospitality. You’ve worked hard building your property aesthetics and style. Your brand can extend to the TV with configurable imagery highlighting apps like your property information, requests, experiences, and even TV service.

Branded Apple TV

Our properties love the ability to extend their style guide and show their property’s character on the TV. The Apple TV’s top shelf and app icons are configurable and interactive. The application top shelf is the first thing a guest will see. As one customer put it, “it’s amazing to see our logo on-screen. It transforms the whole experience”.

If you’re looking for a branded TV experience, Apple TV for Hospitality is your solution. As the #1 Hospitality TV Solution for 2021, it’s no surprise that hotels and vacation rentals worldwide are turning to Monscierge to provide our award-winning in-room solution.