Vacation Rental Connected Experiences


Although the pandemic caused an initial plunge in vacation rental bookings, the industry has proven its resiliency. Pent-up travel urges and quarantine fatigue has led to a surge in bookings. Despite the pandemic, the vacation rental market still grew by 5.51% during 2020. It now has an estimated compound annual growth rate of over 7% through 2024.

Along with space, amenities, and cleanliness as required service features, a personalized guest experience is one of the leading advantages of vacation rentals. Vacation rentals that can offer unique experiences are preferred, and guest personalization is essential for keeping high occupancy rates.

So, how does a rental owner create fantastic, personalized experiences for a multitude of diverse guests with a range of preferences? While adhering to safe distancing and sanitation protocols?

Guest Technology
Technology remotely connects them with staff services and provides a curated experience platform to make selections independently. With control in their own hands, they essentially act as their concierge.

Keeping vacation rentals popular depends on maintaining clean, sanitized environments with socially distanced service interactions. The entire guest service process can be digitalized, from check-in to check-out and many services in between.

Hosts can stay connected by using automated two-way SMS messaging to begin pre-check, guest onboarding.

Text-based communication is an excellent place to start because of how accessible and low friction it is. When guests have SMS-based customer service available throughout their entire stay, it lowers complaints, increases satisfaction, and provides insight on service improvement.

Text engagement can be automated and turned into workflows to reduce labor. Online check-in portals integrated into these workflows provide a seamless exchange of information.

Personal Touch
In-unit digital directories connect guests with real-time updates and property information. Questions, requests, or complaints can be handled directly through a smart TV, via a two-way communication app.

Quick Tip: Remove all paper and printed materials. Print collateral is easily contaminated and difficult to clean. Rentals can use a digital directory or video brochures to replace them. Guests can also access interactive content on their own devices with cross-channel service.

Communication tools make contactless service feasible, but overall efficiency, productivity, and profits should go up. Remote management means that multiple locations can be controlled and operated from one software hub.

Beyond staff access, hospitality television platforms provide in-room entertainment and local information through a single, secured solution.

Entertainment Galore
These tech solutions include live television and give guests the option to sign into their subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, or App Store games.

They also act as a concierge. Guests can browse local entertainment and dining options, then purchase their tickets right on the screen.
Once guests check-out, the system automatically resets user profiles for security, then provides user trend analytics.

The right hospitality tech connects guests with their hosts and vacation destinations. When guests can personalize their vacation right from their rental, this turns hosts into exclusive service providers. Guests who are satisfied with their unique getaways are more likely to share with friends and recommend their listings.

The feeling of safety that comes with streamlined, contactless service gives peace of mind and the confidence to book future stays.

New technology solutions are the linchpin in maintaining a thriving vacation rental industry. These solutions help owners and hosts stay in business while remaining compliant and safe. New and continually improving options makes creating stellar guest experiences easy. Hosts intending to stay operational through Covid-19 should consider these solutions as the secret weapon for productivity and prosperity.