Staying in Communication


One of the most common new questions guests ask is, “what’s your cleaning process?”. Dealing Tools like SMS communication enable instant communication to reach over 86% of the worlds’ population. Including dynamic links to digital guides and other contact saves time when conveying these details to guests. From the room, the TV echoes this information. It’s also a chance to highlight additional content like local recommendations, experiences the guest can purchase, and guest requests.

Incoming guests may face quarantine, whether forced as a requirement of entry into the country or state or merely getting away from their town. For guests stuck in their room, interactions out are a valuable lifeline. Solutions like Apple TV for Hospitality provide access to streaming services, games, guest communication, and essential property guides. Requesting new towels or a mid-day snack is made fast and concise, reducing the frustration and questions on whether and, more importantly, when you’ll receive your items.

Making a guest feel at home is what drives most properties. Staying in contact. Staying in touch and communicating with your guests during every stage of their journey should be paramount.