Your Guests Want a Guidebook


Is it a guidebook, in-room compendium, welcome book, directory, or the house rules? No matter what you call it, your guidebook is a central way to share information with guests. But there are better modern experiences that offer considerable leaps in value and benefit for both guests and owners.

The digital compendium is the solution. It’s the digital means to display every bit of information you’d have in your book but presented in real-time. Your neighborhoods and communities change in real-time why shouldn’t you? A guest reviewing a digital guidebook is 36% more likely to trust curated recommendations than those from a printed binder.

Real-time updates mean if a location closes or you make a change to your property, you can instantly make the update without needing to reprint or wait until guests exit.


Local Recommendations
Showcase curated recommendations of favorite local spots to your guests.

The digital compendium is consumed in real-time and delivered as a website through an SMS, QR code, or email link. It’s can also be presented as part of a welcome message through your in-room entertainment hospitality tv system.

What if we told you 3 in 4 guests would prefer a digital guide to a printed binder? Most people have their mobile devices with them around the clock. A digital guidebook brings the experience together with a focus on presenting your content and easy consumption by your guests.

Presenting a digital guide provides further benefits with expanding on information. You can share photos and additional details like instructions or extra recommendations easily.

The binder has served us well, but it’s time to embrace how your guests want to interact with your property. There’s never been a better time to increase trust and loyalty that pays off financially and with better reviews.

Learn more about Monscierge’s Digital Directory system available as a responsive website or as part of our in-room Hospitality TV solution.