Isn’t the Brain Weird?


No one wants to make the wrong decision. This week alone, we’ve had people call and say, “We should have gone with you from the start.” People are unique, beautiful contradictions, and luckily, we can change our minds.

There’s no shame in deciding you went with the wrong provider solution. It’s what you do next that counts. I’ve lost count of how many times our sales and customer experience teams have helped others navigate how they can make a clean and seamless transition to Monscierge.

Over the past two+ years, we’ve seen extensive growth with our Hospitality TV solution. Often, we’ll hear concerns from the caller about switching their existing in-room system. It’s fast. With automation and easy deployment, a property can be up and running quickly. The horror stories we’ve heard about multi-week or month-long deployments are jaw-dropping.

When we examine why a customer chooses another solution, its most often a short-term emotional decision rather than a focus on long-term goals, the prospect of saving $20 today rather than hundreds later is a common occurrence. It’s so common that psychologists have studied the phenomenon extensively. It’s all about the brain’s reward center and giving into the emotional impulses that cause us to want immediate gratification. People often don’t consider the long-term benefits, costs, and future-proofing.

With our goal of happy customers and constant customer feedback and reviews, we live or die by what our customers think. New prospective customers will often ask us for references, and we’re happy to oblige and provide customers that are either nearby or leveraging similar solutions for their property.

Monscierge works with hotels, hospitals, and vacation rentals like Airbnb and VRBO worldwide. Over ten years of business, we’ve learned that working with our customers and ensuring success with their long-term goals is critical. Long-term goals typically translate into the short-term wins they were looking for initially, such as increased visibility, better TripAdvisor scores, and increased bookings.

So it’s never too late. Monscierge is only successful when our customers are successful. We’re helping the hospitality industry transform. Whether your goals are differentiation, upgrading old systems, saving money, or communicating more efficiently, Monscierge has a solution for you.