What Is the Guest Experience?


We talk about the guest experience, but what does it actually mean? What is an experience? The experience is how a person feels and what they think while they’re doing something.

Experiences are always evolving and leverage feedback, personal viewpoints, and a focus on an outcome. An experience isn’t your app but may include it as part of the overall story and ultimate vision you’re building.

How often do you think about the experience of your guests? Their journey begins the minute they decide to book a trip. Whether for business or leisure, they’re building their experience when they choose to book a trip. Each component builds upon the last until they reach the end of their journey and the cycle begins again.

You’ve put in the time and hard work to make your property unique. How are guests finding your property? How are they booking? Is your booking process easy and straightforward? After you’ve gained a booking, what are you doing to keep their attention? Are you offering pre-stay messaging? How’s the check-in process? Do you offer follow-ups while the guest is on-site to ensure their stay is optimal?

All of these types of actions go to the experience of the guest. How does the guest perceive each step of their journey? Are they walking into the unknown, or have you provided a path for them?

One of the biggest mistakes that many hoteliers and short-term rental hosts make is not understanding the full extent of the guest journey. Thoughtful touches like understanding when or where a guest will arrive can help provide much-needed assistance. For a guest arriving late at night, offering up relevant information like late-night eateries or abbreviated check-in processes can help alleviate unknowns and frustrated guests.

Experiences evolve. They are constant iterations based on feedback and as new knowledge. You should always be willing to change the experience as you gain new insights.

By placing yourself in your guest’s shoes, you’re likely to understand their overall experience better. Asking critical questions during every step will help uncover answers and likely further questions that your guests face every day.

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