California is Open for Business…Almost


California is re-opening on June 15. Everyday activities can resume, and businesses can re-open with “common-sense risk reduction measures.”

With the recent announcement, how will travel be impacted? Is travel already being booked, or will there be a slow burn? Prospective travelers wildly vary in their opinions not only in the United States but also worldwide. While some travelers throw caution to the wind, many have announced a wait-and-see approach, opting instead for nearby socially distanced staycations.

The next few months will be critical. Businesses will be able to re-open and decide how to handle the re-emerging world fully. Bookings will surely increase over the next few months to fulfill the pent-up demand for proper holidays.

California was one the hardest hit and enacted strict measures to try and quell infections. Their signal of fully re-opening is a sign that many states will likely follow similar strategies. Several months ago, the UK announced a roadmap to re-opening that would see travel allowed starting May 17.

Fully re-opening businesses must now figure out their new normal. How are you communicating? What’s your differentiator? Will video remain a centerpiece of technology? Will a contactless guest experience be the way forward?

During the early days of closures, Monscierge worked with clients and especially those in California, to temporarily put their products on hold. But we also saw many who used that time to differentiate their properties further to prepare for a re-opening. Now with a firm date in hand, many of those properties can fully re-open with a well-constructed plan that includes new and critical messaging, signage, and hospitality TV technologies.

The pandemic isn’t over, but there is better control now than the free-fall numbers seen in the Summer and Fall of 2020. We can only hope that by June, there will be continued decreases in new and severe infections. Businesses must now again shift and adapt to the changing landscape as one barrier is lifted, in place of entirely new ones.