Vaccines with a View


The latest travel trend to emerge is vaccine vacations. As destinations look for new and exciting hooks to attract visitors, the prospect of vaccine tourism is a compelling proposition.

As some travel requires proof of vaccination, these destinations are opening themselves to getting vaccinated with a view.

Those who sign up would typically need to remain for several weeks to receive the necessary doses.

States like Nevada and Oklahoma are getting into the mix by opening to those seeking vaccinations. The Southern Nevada Health District released statistics showing people from Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam have visited to receive their vaccine.

By partnering with local health organizations and tourism boards, these destinations view re-opening as a service to help the public health crisis and jump-start local travel and tourism. These destinations are differentiating themselves from other areas with a drastically unique experience.

Given the captive audience, vaccines require a minimum of 17 days; the stays are not a quick weekend getaway. But the visit opens themselves to a more significant local experience. Being able to enjoy an extended stay provides an opportunity to get away from the typical destinations to dine at great hidden gems or visit sites off the beaten path.

Visitors to Nevada could visit the traditional locations on the strip. They were also able to enjoy horseback tours, the outdoors across great National Parks, the Boulder City Historic District, and much more with their extended time.

Cities and towns are re-opening. While many are getting vaccinated, overall totals are lower than expected. The drive to vaccinate has created the need to look to new alternatives and opportunities as the hospitality industry has continued to adapt to changing conditions.