All About Chauffeur Knowledge


One of the more interesting concepts that we pride ourselves on is the lack of chauffeur knowledge. If you’re not familiar, it comes from a story in 1918. Max Planck went on a tour across Germany after receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics. Over time, his chauffeur grew to know his speech by heart, and in the interest of variety, he suggested the professor and he switch places one night. After the lecture, a professor stood up and asked a question; the driver replied, “Never would I have thought that someone from such an advanced city as Munich would ask such a simple question! My chauffeur will answer it.”

There are two types of knowledge. The first is real knowledge—teams like those at Monscierge who have spent thousands of hours understanding and studying industries and topics. The second type is chauffeur knowledge – knowledge from people who can put on a show. It’s only surface knowledge without tried and true experience and only in it for the moment.

Hospitality is a challenging space. It requires empathy and data. The number of studies, surveys, and tests that we’ve done is dizzying and speaks to what makes Monscierge stand out from others. It’s satisfying to provide data and research to our customers and future customers that help them feel secure that we’re knowledgeable and well-versed in their business.

Warren Buffett has even coined a phrase that aligns with the chauffeur effect, “the circle of competence.”

You have to stick inside your “circle of competence.” What’s inside the circle you fully understand and what lies outside you may only partially understand. You have to know where your aptitudes are. With the team at Monscierge, we are well-versed in unique areas that touch on various hospitality-centric areas with everything from networking to finance to marketing and everywhere in-between. Speaking to and addressing some of the unique challenges that hotels and vacation rentals have is what we do every day.

What’s important to us is building a long-term customer who can achieve greater success through our technology. And our teams are ready to help.