Stop Gambling Your Ratings


How do you judge your property’s performance? Do you look at your ratings? TripAdvisor score? During a poll, only around 42% of rental owners actively reviewed their ongoing ratings.

Owners who actively reviewed their scores on average maintained higher occupancy and increased revenue.

But what goes into reviewing scores? Potential guests look to ratings and reviews as a gauge for their stay. Even if you’re getting good ratings, do your guests rave? Do they highlight communication and information? Lack of accurate or up-to-the-minute information is one of the leading complaints amongst travelers. Messaging to the guest can head off unclear directions or worry about getting into a property.

No one sells your product better than other people. Highlight your differences, showcase amenities like A/C, high-speed Internet, and technologies like Hospitality TV. We’ve found that when properties highlight tools like Apple TV for Hospitality for streaming and entertainment, guests react positively. By highlighting what you have ahead of time, it helps solidify the experience.

Property owners have spent their hard-earned time and money building or rehabbing properties, so it’s a shame to stop when so close.

So stop gambling your ratings and start taking charge by offering critical features and functionality that your guests will love. Head off potentially harmful reviews with automated messaging that allows you to take the wheel when necessary.

2021 has seen a massive rise in new rental properties. As travelers return, it’s a great time to promote and differentiate yourself, and we look forward to helping the properties that are ready to get ahead and stop gambling with their ratings.