How We Make Things Easy – Part I


It’s interesting to talk with prospective clients. Occasionally, we’ll have a prospective client who recognizes the value and loves everything about it, but they start questioning whether they should use a new platform. The answer almost comes down to trepidation from past experiences that clouds their judgment.

Luckily, we have years of experience that put people at ease with reviews, customer highlights, and our simple upfront promise that our solution works and lives up to our brand promise of creating better communication, staff accountability, and a better guest experience.

Monscierge is easy to install. Our in-room solution includes automated tools that enable it to be up and running in as short a single day. Other tools like messaging can be up and running in hours.

Our word is only good if we can back it up. We have more guest experience awards than any other hospitality company, and our award-winning platform gets new reviews every day. Occasionally, we miss the mark. We use those opportunities to fix the problem and a teachable moment across the entire company to ensure it doesn’t happen again. While we hope they never occur, owning up to mistakes is faster and easier.

No two properties are alike. We love solving challenges. Since 2009, we’ve been carefully constructing our platform and tools to accommodate just about whatever someone can throw at us.