The Hidden Costs of Hospitality


One of the exciting pieces of feedback we’ve received recently has been how many hotel staff still work remotely. A casino recently told us, “being a remote employee and having the ability to make changes and updates remotely for our guests is wonderful.”

The ability to manage content, reset devices and communicate from afar is a time saver. It saves staff members from either need to be on-site or more often dropping their current tasks and go to another location to assist. Changing tasks is a time suck. The literal and monetary costs of changing tasks lead to mental blocks that can cost as much as 40% of a person’s productive time. Over a month, this has serious knock-on effects on overall productivity and costs. Treehouse Grove was able to re-focus staff on helping to grow the business rather than driving to their guest’s treehouse sites.

Whether you’re a hotel or a vacation rental, the hidden costs of hospitality shouldn’t be ignored; they’ll cost you in the long run.