Heading Off Negative Reviews


73% of guests will leave a review, but 88% use reviews to make their decisions. One bad review can affect your overall rating for months, which affects your overall ranking, bookings, and ultimately your pocketbook.

The difference between 4.2 and 4.1 is whether a room gets booked or not. The reality is that rarely are great experiences highlighted. More often, it’s the negative experiences that get highlighted.

Most people don’t like conflict or voicing negativity. The Monscierge platform heads off bad reviews by opening dialog early.

Early on, a study called out that Monscierge offers technology for introverts. While semi-accurate, we provide tools for anyone who wants to change their experience.

Guests can ask questions, voice frustrations, concerns, and enjoy a better stay. Properties can provide answers, service recovery, and count on a better positive experience by their guests.

Monscierge provides a single platform that lets properties communicate with their guests and provide valuable information that helps drive higher value. Our in-room hospitality TV, SMS messaging, and digital signage systems are just a few of the ways we help you keep your ratings and increase occupancy.