Wrapping Up Q2


Q2 just wrapped up. Monscierge just had another record-breaking quarter. With the quarter ending mid-week ahead of a holiday, there’s not much time to celebrate, but it’s great news across the entire company. Better yet, it’s a positive sign for the industry and hotels and vacation rental hosts around the world.

Many of our clients are busier than they’ve ever been. Leveraging our tools like messaging and hospitality TV has allowed them to communicate in ways they previously thought were out of reach.

With the close of Q2, we’re now focused on Q3 and beyond. We just wrapped up much of our roadmap planning for 2022, and the plan looks great. Seeing the progression of our platform and the continued enhancements is a testament to the company’s sales, engineering, customer success, and marketing teams.

Over the next few months, we’ll share upcoming features and functionality to highlight where we’re going and how we’re getting there. Evolving the guest experience and solving the problems for hotels and vacation rentals is at the core of everything we’re doing.

We want to thank all of the customers we’ve brought on. Your support and feedback are invaluable. We’d also like to invite anyone considering us to take another look. There’s a reason we’re the top-rated and award-winning hospitality TV solution, have won more guest experience awards than any other hospitality company, and just wrapped up another record-breaking quarter. We’re here to change hospitality.