FOMO is Real


FOMO is real. Your property is under review every day. So it’s part of the job to maintain consistently high standards. The minute you lose focus on the guest experience, it’s the minute someone looks at another property.

The marketplace is crowded. Whether you’re a hotel or a vacation rental, you’ve got some tough competition with few exceptions. How do you cut through the noise? How do you differentiate yourself?

When properties highlight their technology amongst their amenities, they are instantly seen as more progressive and likely modern. With the enhanced listing, they’re able to increase their bookings, which translates into increased revenue.

But technology is only valuable if it’s doing something like providing in-room hospitality TV, digital signage, or offering communication with your guests. Technology should always enhance the guest experience and align with excellent customer service.

The question remains, how are you differentiating your property? Are you missing out on guests because you don’t have what your competitor does?