How We Make Things Easy – Part II


One of our four guiding principles is that we’re “easy to do business with.” No doubt you’ve encountered companies that seemingly make things a challenge.

How does Monscierge make it easy? We see the connection between our guiding principles – easy to use, easy to scale, easy to do business with, and affordable for everyone.

In 2019, we shifted everything online. Previously, clients would send us checks, and we often dealt with paper contracts. We realized we weren’t keeping with our principle and moved to an online portal with a checkout engine.

A customer can signup on our website in less than two minutes. They can also enjoy new options like bill splitting or financing as a way to save upfront cash. Our customers told us they’re ready for a better experience but wanted to conserve on upfront payments.

Onboarding and automation are critical drivers for helping to jump-start the experience. Customers have 24/7 access to our knowledge base and can also reach out to our support team if they need extra insight.

Lastly, we’re accessible. One of the many glowing remarks we receive is our fundamental accessibility and responsiveness to questions. Whether it’s a simple question or something more in-depth, our team is here and available.