In-Room Health and Gaming


An often overlooked feature of Monscierge’s in-room hospitality TV is the ability to provide additional “comfort technology” to guests.

Monscierge not only provides hospitality apps and television, but we also provide access to gaming and health. With guests spending up to 12 hours in their room, there’s no better opportunity to connect. With on-site closures of gyms and other activities, there’s a need to accommodate mental and physical health.

Guests can access top-tier games, whether using the standard remote or connecting an Xbox or Playstation controller. The latest action, adventure, or family-friendly games are available to play immediately.

Health is critical. Offer in-room exercise, yoga, or meditation via pre-installed apps. These apps help guests with easy-to-do activities they can do right in the room with little or no equipment.

The best part is anyone with our in-room hospitality TV solution already has access. But for anyone who doesn’t and is still looking for ways to differentiate their property and provide a better guest experience, it’s yet another reason to choose Monscierge.