Showing Off Your Property Features


Whether showing property amenities or talking about your history, Monscierge’s property features app lets you configure your look and feel.

The Monscierge Experience Engine manages your property features through an easy-to-use web control panel. You can add title, description, operating hours, contact details, and media content. You can have as many features as you’d like and even group or categorize listings.


Property Features

You can even select from one of several layouts that provide a visual focus on different content. Want to display a large image? We have a layout for that. You can assign a specific layout to each of your property features to highlight the focus and content.

You can update the platform in real-time. Need to fix a typo or update your property images? You can update using the web-based management tool and make your changes instantly and have the changes seen across guest TVs and the rest of the platform in seconds.

Many of our clients leverage multiple products like Connect Lobby and Apple TV for Hospitality, and everything is updated instantly and from a single control panel.