What Hotels Forget About the Guest Experience


Recently, we found a hotel that told us, “we don’t do hospitality.” Were they trying to create a spin on guest expectations? Was it a casual lead-in to a bolder claim like “we are hospitality”? Nope, it was a solid and straightforward answer. They didn’t care about hospitality.

For some, hospitality doesn’t come naturally, it’s a purely business transaction. For others, it’s a way of life. It’s not to say that business isn’t involved; you have to keep the lights on after all.

What many properties forget about the guest experience is it’s a two-way street. Every guest interaction creates a butterfly effect that can directly change the property. A single bad review can lower a rating, leading to a lower search ranking, which leads to decreased bookings.

Hospitality is truly about making a guest feel welcome. It’s connecting early on, answering questions promptly, ascertaining what type of stay the guest wants, and ensuring they have a positive stay.

Today looks much different than even two years ago. Costs are up, labor is often a challenge, and overall, travel has seen incredible ups and downs over the past year. Understanding your business and expenses is necessary, but it’s not everything for a truly successful property.