Up and Running in No Time!


We’re easy to work with and scalable for any size property. We take those two tenets very seriously; we’re bound and determined not to be a hassle. On average, when a new subscriber joins the Monscierge family, they can receive their shipment in as little as 72 hours. What most customers don’t know is the work that’s done automatically behind the scenes. The automatic setup of configuration and settings helps speed up the ability to access and add the customers’ property details. These settings set the stage to quickly and easily install everything when customers receive their package.

But what happens when the package is delivered? With a solution like Apple TV for Hospitality, most customers can fully self-install in just a few hours. One of our recent properties installed 36 rooms in just a little over 2.5 hours by one person.

Out of the box, the Apple TV is pre-configured with Monscierge software and applications. Using the Hospitality TV Manager app (available for iOS or Android), the customer scans the packaging serial number and assigns the TV to a specific room number. Since Monscierge offers both standard and secure mounting options, the next step is to install it on the wall or the TV and connect our standard cabling package to the power and the TV.

While every property is different, installation is swift. Large properties typically roll out based on entire floors or with open room availability. A standard housekeeping turnover can accommodate installation, with the in-room install taking less than 10 minutes. And most importantly, you don’t need intense technical expertise for setup.

Monscierge is available for questions about installation and can help guide a successful and easy onboarding. We’d love to show you how easy and hassle-free your experience can be.