Experience Enhancement and Additional Revenue with Guest Requests


Monscierge’s request system accommodates guest requests which help connect with the property. But it also can help create revenue and create new compelling experiences that drive loyalty and great reviews.

Guests at a hotel making requests isn’t new. But the idea of taking requests, tracking them, and accommodating individual workflow actions to handle assignment and delivery is a core component of what Monscierge offers. It’s no surprise that adding Guest Request functionality at hotels increases guests making requests.

With well over 60% of travelers preferring non-personal interaction, most prefer non-confrontational interactions. On average, guests only report issues around 25% of the time. The remainder stew, vent, and inevitably let out their frustrations online at sites like TripAdvisor. But with the addition of Guest Requests available as a component of Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality, guests can seamlessly and quickly communicate to the staff.

But the other angle for guest requests is those that want to enhance the experience. The addition of upgrades, upsells, and add-on enhancements increase not only revenue but the opportunity to stay in front of guests. Adding arrival requests or themed packages builds the personal touch. Properties can add unique options like a private picnic, beer tasting, s’mores kit, or seasonal options like a Christmas tree or Easter egg hunt. There are limited restrictions in offering guests add-on opportunities. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that many properties use, this provides a personal touch that generates data and revenue. Your newfound revenue source can cover the cost of service. And your data lets you make more intelligent and more informed decisions.

In a world where 1 in 3 guests are willing to pay up to $50 more at hotels that provide better services than nearby competitors, hotels have to leverage every advantage possible.

Learn more about how Monscierge’s request system helps hotels earn additional, new fans and helps shape smarter decisions.