Are Your Guests Next?


You keep your guests safe, but do you keep their data safe? Over the past five years, nearly every major hotel chain has compromised guest data. When guest data is compromised every three seconds, how do you keep your guests from being next?

You clean your rooms but do you digitally sterilize them? Out of the box, we provide the means to digitally sterilize your rooms and remove guest logins or other personal data. We were inundated with stories from hoteliers about their early attempts to get into hotel streaming, only to get a call from a departed guest about someone using their Netflix account. Once they found Monscierge offered a solution that was easy to use and automated, hotel staff were delighted with the notion that all digital traces of the guest at guest checkout would also disappear.

Guests can leave knowing their personal information is gone and won’t be shared by the next guest, and hotel staff can turn their time and attention to other more pressing tasks.

Coupled with Apple’s hardware and operating system security, other devices don’t match. Apple TV has a higher upfront cost, but compared with hardware longevity, security, and management, pricing hardly becomes an issue.

Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality is the hospitality streaming option that hotels and security trust.