Food Delivery Eating Your Lunch?


Over the past five years, online food ordering and delivery growth have increased by over 20%. Whether guests are ordering food from popular vendors like UberEats, DoorDash, Deliveroo, or heading out, is food and beverage eating your lunch? We can help you fight back.

Monscierge helps increase your F&B and keeps your guest’s money on-site. One of the critical points of our platform is to help provide that additional upsell and revenue point that you can offer. One of the challenges most hoteliers face is simply information dissemination. With guest communication available through Monscierge’s hotel guest texting platform, digital signage, or in-room hospitality TV, it’s easy to show guests what and how to get it. Whether it’s a unique offering like a kids pack, a whiskey tasting, or in-room dining, presenting these options has never been easier.

What’s best is that the packages and other opportunities are unique to your property. Every package or item is special to your property and tailored to your specific brand. Our platform pays for itself within 12 months and adds thousands of dollars to your revenue. We can show you how to do it.