Keep Up with Changing Star Ratings


You know it better than most. You live and die by your star rating. The average traveler makes booking decisions based on as little as a 0.1 difference in scoring. Whether it’s your score on a travel booking site like Expedia or your hotel rating, how are you keeping up with changing star ratings?

The tiny details matter. New requirements for technology and guest experience mean the difference in whole star ratings. And the 0.1 difference as mentioned above may mean the difference in a 4.6 versus a 4.7 rating. When 63% of travelers make a booking selection based on this slim margin, it will directly impact your revenue.

When hotels present their technology to guests, it’s a true benefit. We’ve seen a 13% lift in hotels that specifically list their technology, like Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality. Hotels that showcase this alongside their well-crafted properties are viewed as innovators who will provide travelers with a modern experience.

Travel has returned. Business, pleasure, and now a growing contingent of those working remote dominate bookings. Monscierge helps you keep up with your star ratings and even increase them. Whether supplying hotel guest communication, lobby signage, or the best streaming and casting solution for hotels, Monscierge helps drive experiences.