Want to Know Why Your Staff is Leaving?


Your team is run ragged. What if you could drive staff efficiency? Our platform offers easy training, automation and helps your team focus on revenue-generating activities instead of running around on tasks that don’t.

Service requests like more towels, an extra pillow, or a toothbrush are valuable but do little to drive additional revenue. Once you factor in shifted priorities, employee labor cost, and supplies, that extra pillow has cost your business money.

Offerings like Enhance Your Stay open the door to promoting unique experiences. A plate of cookies and milk, a private cocktail-making class, and a wine tasting are just a few examples of the experiences hotels using Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality have available. One boutique hotel in South Carolina offers seasonal packages like a private in-room Christmas tree, elf on the shelf games for kids, and brats and fire packages with beer and bratwurst grilling in an outdoor fire pit.

These types of enhancements help contribute to the bottom line of your business. Just two purchases per week can add thousands of extra dollars per year.

If your team is run ragged, why not help them? Our system typically takes less than 15 minutes to learn, and you can start driving better efficiency almost immediately. Hotels using our Stay Enhancements increased their guest satisfaction scores (GSS) by 1.1 points or more and reported a 10% growth in revenue per average room (RevPAR).