Are Your Events Enough?


Events can be big business. Whether your property hosts weddings, corporate events, or basic meetings, you undoubtedly take your event space seriously. But what if you could do more with your events?

Monscierge offers multiple award-winning digital signage tools to help handle your events. Our platform enables hoteliers to create and manage events within the Monscierge Experience Engine web system or integrate with your existing event system. Each event includes full details like name, description, location, and media such as photos.

Interactive Touchscreen Digital Signage
Events can be made front and center allowing hotels to highlight meetings and events. Our interactive Lobby signage lets you showcase events alongside advertising, hotel information, and weather and flight information. Our signage platform runs on touchscreen devices that range from 32″, 42″, and up as high as 80″. Most typically choose the 42″ or 55″ screen size.

Digital Readerboard
Readerboard highlights meetings and rotates optional advertising. Many of our clients use it to display promotions for on-site amenities or nearby restaurants or other partnership establishments. It’s a perfect combination of insight and advertising.

Event Signage
Displayed outside of meeting spaces, Monscierge’s Event Signage displays room names and meeting information.

Apple TV Events
As standard functionality within Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality, Apple TV Events display highlights events from the platform. Additional highlights and graphic event banners can drive increased views and attention to events.

Monscierge Events work together or separately. It’s part of our award-winning digital signage that can help drive more views and better guest engagement with your events.